What’s The Difference Between a Website Developer and a Designer?


When looking for help with a website, people often use “website developer” and “website designer” interchangeably. Some might argue that it’s due to ignorance, but the truth is it’s not totally wrong. Today, in order to have a successful website you need both.

To the end user, what you see on your internet browser is a designed finished product, and you don’t know how the content is flashing across your screen. But behind the scenes there is code, and usually a lot of it.


You can think of website designers as the architects and interior designers of the web, choosing layouts and color schemes based on the principles of design and usability. Website developers on the other hand, are the builders, making the plans come to life by following details and regulations. Designers tend to be more creative and right-brained, while developers tend to be more analytical and left-brained.

The house, uhm, er, website that you want to buy is designed well, usable, and is up to coding standards and won’t be easily infiltrated. So ask questions about the background of whoever is building your website and what skills they bring to the table. A partnership of design and development is your winning combination.