The Rise and Fall of the “Beanbag Chair Office Culture”


More and more companies are adopting office culture that values work-life balance and more flexible environments. By the same token, more and more companies are missing the mark by thinking healthy office culture means plopping a beanbag chair in the middle of the room and having beer on tap.

What makes good organizational culture?

So if it’s not about interior design and pool tables, what defines good office culture? In the end, the company’s personality is what makes the work experience either barely bearable or exciting and stimulating. Here are 6 important values that top-tier companies possess.

Meeting at a table

1. Trust

When trust is shared amongst a team, that’s where the magic happens. It’s so refreshing for both team leads and employees to trust that the team is working hard to get the job done. At we all share the same end goal of creating a positive experience for our clients. Which leads us to the next point.

two laptops on desk with plant and coffee

2. A like-minded team

Soundboarding, brainstorming, leadership, innovating. There’s nothing that feels more fulfilling than working alongside coworkers that share the same vision as you. Sharing the same values and interests facilitates growth within the team; and that will always be evident to clients, consumers and other businesses. is proud to have a tight-knit team that also accepts and learns from one another in our differences. It is one of our main guiding principles to be open and non-judgemental of all viewpoints, beliefs and lifestyles. We stand behind our team.

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3. Flexibility

Flexibility is important in allowing the team to grow personally. This will mean different things for different companies. For us it means supporting our employees in all parts of the world, and promoting work-life balance. It has already been proven that happier employees make for better employees. As of recent, companies have been adopting initiatives such as healthy living challenges for incentives, but we like to shamelessly brag about having held this value from the inception of our company.

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4. Space for growth

This goes hand-in-hand with trust. When a company has carefully selected their team, trust is easily built. The more trust there is in within an office, the more free reign there will be for everyone to bring their vision to life, as a means to propel the company forward. Growth means the freedom to come up with a crazy idea and run with it.

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5. Passion and positivity

No, not in the fake, cheerleading kind of way. Genuine positivity and passion will spread through an office like wildfire. Sometimes it only takes one person to start the domino effect. Good morale is also highly impactful when it trickles down from those who’re taking on strong leadership roles.

Leverage IT team outside
6. Social initiatives

This is so painfully obvious, but for good reason. It’s imperative for companies to build relationships through social initiatives. Company outings are not uncommon because of the impact that healthy interpersonal relationships has on a company’s productivity.

Consider this…

Don’t let in-office go kart and exposed brick fool you. There are plenty of companies with cool amenities, with not-so-cool environments. The office vibe has been, and always will be a massive contributing factor to what makes a company successful.

What values do you value when working with a company? Leave a comment down below.