Wake Up You Lazy Schlub!

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Please excuse the title of this blog post. It’s actually directed at yours truly.

Recently I’ve been experiencing difficulty focusing, and a definite decrease in motivation. It happens to the best of us – go to work every day, do yo’ thing, and come home. It gets monotonous, even in the framework of an exciting, ever-evolving career such as online marketing.

For me, specifically, it was because I had to take care of three emails that I did not. Want. To write. And every day I came into the office, I saw the judging, saddened eyes of my co-workers. (Attention co-workers: It’s actually me, not you. Self-judgement goin’ on here. I was just using you to judge myself. You would never judge – you guys are great.)

Today, I discovered the supreme, sure-fire, guaranteed way to unstick my stuck self. (Do I sound like an infomercial? I feel like I sound like an infomercial.)

I woke up at 5am.

And that was it!

Hubby was sleeping. The fridge was sleeping. Hell, the whole world was sleeping, except for a few birds right outside my window. (I threw a shoe at the window to make them stop. They didn’t.)

It was an incredible moment. New mothers everywhere probably want to kill me right about now, but 5am is the absolute bomb. I got done with all of my emails. All three of them. I spent some time catching up on industry news. Got some decent work in. I knocked out this blog post. And then for good measure I solved P vs. NP. (Just kidding.)

And then I got going with my day.

Why did waking up at 5am unstick me? Truth be told, I’m not sure. It was probably a combination of factors:

  • Dragging myself up and out when I’m already running late is anything but inspirational…forcing myself out of bed a couple of hours early was highly empowering. And with great power comes…whatever happened this morning.

  • Typically, first thing in the morning my brain is abuzz. The standard getting dressed, making lunch, and rushing out the door is such a waste of creative power. Waking up and working right away was amazing.

  • Zero distractions. Zero. Except for the non-shoe-heeding birds, which faded into the background after a while.

I love myself right now. Right now my self-perception is of a power-walking online marketing virtuoso with a constant supply of Starbucks and perfect hair.

I’m going to hate myself at 4pm.