Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 1 of 3

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Out of site, out of mind

Out of site out of mind. This saying applies to your business as much as it does to anything else in your life. And in business, you want to remind your clients that you are there and ready to help them.

Even the most successful businesses with the happiest clients should maintain a continuous connection with their clients. You may think that if your customers are satisfied, they will definitely return to you for more. Don’t be so sure. Your business is nothing more than one of dozens if not hundreds of businesses in your field. The competition for attention is fierce, and you need to constantly remind your customers why they have used you in the past, and why they’ll want to use you in the future too.

Retain your customers, and win new ones too

Studies have shown that winning business from a new customer can cost up to eight times as much as getting business from an existing client. These numbers show that investing in your current clients is a worthwhile way to use your marketing dollars. By sending out a regular e-newsletter to your contact list, your company stays fresh in the minds of your clients, and increases the chances that when the need arises, they will turn to you.

E-newsletters have the side benefit of also winning you new clients. If you manage an effective e-newsletter campaign, some of your clients will end up forwarding your newsletter to their friends and colleagues. This type of “viral” marketing utilizes word-of-mouth marketing, which creates one of the greatest levels of legitimacy among potential new clients, since they hear about you from someone they trust. It is also incredibly cost effective, since this extra coverage doesn’t cost you a penny.

E-newsletters have many other benefits for your business, including measurability, immediate response rate, cost-effectiveness, and more, but we’ll discuss these aspects in another article.

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