I got to talk about the future of WordPress for two hours, and it was awesome. #WPThinkTank

WPThinkTank panelists

With WordPress powering over 20% of the web, millions are tied into it as it powers their blogs, sites and applications. Along with all those site owners and users, WordPress businesses like ours are among those invested in the future of WordPress. That’s why a bunch of us came together a few days ago for WPThinkTank to brainstorm together on issues that WordPress faces, and how we can work together to ensure a strong, WordPress future.

WPThinkTank panelists

WPThinkTank is the brainchild of Troy Dean, an energetic member of the WordPress community who is involved in many projects, including Video User Manuals and WP Elevation. WP Elevation is a business accelerator for WordPress consultants, and as part of that activity Troy interviews WordPressers from around the world. After interviewing a bunch of us (here’s the video of my interview), he realized that there was a hunger for more in-depth discussion about the future of WordPress. And thus WPThinkTank was born.

The panelists:
Matt Mullenweg – Founder, WordPress. CEO, Automattic
Jake Goldman – President and Owner, 10up
Lisa Sabin-Wilson – Partner, WebDev Studios and Appresser
Shane Pearlman – CEO, Modern Tribe
Tom Willmot – Human Made, Happy Tables, WP Remote
Scott Basgaard – WooThemes, WordSesh co-organizer

We discussed WordPress for two hours. When I found out it was going to be two hours, I wasn’t sure how I would make it to the end, since it started at 10 pm Israel time. But the time flew, and I was wide awake, talking about one of my favorite topics with such amazing and inspiring people – including Matt Mullenweg, the co-Founder of WordPress! What a privilege.

Among the topics discussed: the usability of the admin, the difficulty in finding WordPress developers, working together as businesses to increase general awareness of WordPress as a solid enterprise solution, and having champions within businesses who encourage their superiors to go with WordPress as an optimum content management solution.

The feedback from the community was amazing:

And someone even said it beats football. Wow:

Here’s the recording. It’s long, so if you’re going to watch it, stock up on coffee, and fire up Candy Crush 🙂