Steps You Need To Take Right Now To Protect Your Site

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Three simple steps that will help you protect your site. Today, it is common for businesses and nonprofit organizations to accept payments online. However, this opens the door to more and more “bad guys” out to grab personal information and take advantage of those that are not being protected. In the following article we provide you […]

KSM Developments: A Case Study

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The LeverageIT team had a fantastic time branding, developing, and creating a whole new website for KSM Developments. About KSM Developments KSM Developments is a global commercial real estate consulting & development firm. KSM was founded in late 2015 in Toronto, and is focused on deploying global and local capital into the North American real […]

Make Your Company Stand Out With Timely Updates

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Take charge of what people see when they do a local search for your business. Make your company stand out and get the attention of people searching for your services or products by using Google My Business. This week Google released a new feature that allows businesses to post special events and promotions on their […]

illuminea creates official WordPress plugin for Mad Mimi


We (illuminea) are so excited that we could be part of the creation of a shiny new plugin: Official Mad Mimi Sign Up Forms! for Mad Mimi, the email marketing service. Mad Mimi is all about making their users life simple. With WordPress being the winner in terms of market share for CMSs, they wanted to serve […]

Join us at WordCamp Jerusalem 2013: the official WordPress conference in Israel!

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I know it’s been used before, but I find it hilarious. I love bad jokes. Okay, here goes:   How many WordPress developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?   Answer: None! There’s a plugin for that.   (In my mind…BWAHAAHAHAHA!! Almost as good as freshly squeezed orange Jews.)   WordCamp Jerusalem 2013 is […]

Google Drive finally launches and other useful info from illuminea’s April 2012 webinar

Recently, we launched a new monthly lecture series to present the most important web trends for marketing professionals. Please join us at our next free WEBINAR: ”Latest Web Trends in 1 Hour” on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 10am.  Signup and details here. At the April 2012 Web Trends Webinar, Miriam Schwab, the Friendly CEO of illuminea, spoke […]

Why can’t I embed YouTube videos in WordPress?

About a year ago, WordPress added a feature that made it ridiculously easy to embed content from various sites (like YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo) into WordPress sites. How to embed media in WordPress in a second If you want to embed, for example, a YouTube video in a post, all you do is paste the URL of the […]

WordPress or Drupal – That is the Question

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I spend most of my working days working with Drupal so it’s no surprise that my first blog post on my personal site was about Drupal. You probably noticed though, that my blog runs on WordPress. I know someone will point it out to me and ask me why, and I got this question today from a friend of mine. […]

New! Course in WordPress web design and development

illuminea college is offering an amazing course through which you’ll learn all the basics you need to know in order to get a website up and running using WordPress. Why WordPress? WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS). Basically this means that regular people like you and me can, relatively very easily, build […]