Helpful email marketing statistics for small businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]


Marketing efforts often focus heavily on lead generation, which is obviously an important step in the sales process, but lead nurturing efforts should not be overlooked – or leads will stay just that instead of progressing into customers. Hubspot has recently put together an infographic with tips on email marketing for small businesses that I’d […]

8 Bootstrapping Tips That Will Cut Costs Today

The following is a guest post by Heather Johnson. Her details are at the end of the article. —————————– In order to maximize sales and improve marketing tactics, each small business must learn the fine art of bootstrapping. There are many ways to cut costs in order to leverage your assets. Some of these methods […]

Israeli small businesses doomed to failure

The Israeli economy is growing at a tremendous pace, yet a recent study by BDI-Coface has shown that despite the fact that there was a 3% rise in 2007 of newly-founded businesses over previous years, most Israeli businesses are doomed to failure. According to the study, only 58% of ventures are still around after two […]

Next meeting of Entrepreneur Breakfast: Tuesday, July 31

Ok folks, the next Entrepreneur Breakfast is coming up next week, so mark your calendars! The topic: Creating Financial Models for Assessing the Success of your Business. Read on… Entrepreneur Breakfast is a not-for-profit effort to strengthen the small business community in Israel. The group meets monthly and the idea is to come together to […]

Google Adwords vs. Dapei Zahav (Yellow Pages)

Small businesses have small marketing budgets. In a previous post, I listed 5 low-cost ways to market your business. Two of the methods mentioned were advertising on Google Adwords and Dapei Zahav. Since bootstrapping businesses need to ensure that every advertising dollar is justified, I decided to conduct an unofficial study comparing Google Adwords and […]

Using your competitor’s name as part of a Google Adwords campaign

In Israel, businesses may set up Google Adword campaigns that use their competitors’ names and brands as keywords. In August 2006 an Israeli judge ruled that Crazy Line, a women’s clothing retail chain, was not guilty of any wrongdoing when they set up an Adwords campaign using the keywords of another clothing store, Matim Li. But […]

Should female entrepreneurs hide the fact that they’re mothers?

There is still the perception that business is a man’s world. I would maybe say that it’s a “man-style world,” i.e. women are welcome as long as they act like men. From conversations with other women who run their own businesses, I see that many feel very self-conscious about being women in what they see […]

Israel ranked 17th in entrepreneurial study

In Israel, everyone is an entrepreneur. At least, sometimes it seems that way. Everyone knows someone who has started up some kind of venture, whether it’s related to technology, finance or industry. Sometimes I can’t believe how many people I personally know who have technology startups. Many of these ideas do come to fruition and […]