Payquad Solutions: A Case Study


Payquad Solutions is exactly as stated. A solution. The premise of Payquad’s service is to make the monthly task of paying rent or condo fees easy and seamless. With Payquad, residents can pay rent from any device, set up pre-authorized payments and even maximize credit card rewards points! The Vision Payquad’s goals were simple: create […]

The Never Ending Google Search Algorithm Update

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Google has never been shy when it comes to their search engine algorithm updates. They might be a little quiet on what “exactly” is being covered (i.e. spam sites, authority sites, the PageRank formula), but they aren’t shy about telling us that they have a newer and improved algorithm. For many webmasters, these algorithms are […]

Your Website Facelift: Analytics, SEO and Functionality First

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New technology has forced us to reconsider our faces in more ways than one. Consider the recent news, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that the body part inspiring more people to go under the knife is the chin.  “Chinplants” are becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend. The growth in online video […]