Twitter makes major e-commerce move with new ‘buy’ button

Twitter has announced yesterday that they’re testing out a new ‘buy’ button. It will allow users to make purchases directly from their iOS or Android Twitter apps. When users click the ‘buy’ button in a tweet, they will be prompted to fill in their payment and shipping information (which is then attached to their account), and make the purchase. The functionality is not available as of yet in Canada, it has only been rolled out to some users in the United States.


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Native vs. Non-native: We’re Talking Mobile

It’s 2011 and debate rages on in the mobile industry over the future of applications.

On one hand, people seem to love native client apps. A quick download process from an app store, and the shiny icon is sitting on the mobile device’s desktop, ready to go.

What’s more, as a developer, I might even get paid for it. But if I want to reach lots of users, I have to write different code for every single device platform: iPhone, Android, Symbian. That’s a lot of code to keep in sync. And I need users to keep updating the applications every time I make a small change.


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