Tips to make your site responsive (and what that really means anyway)

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We’re moving into the mobile world.  If you aren’t thinking of your site’s compatibility with different screen sizes, you’d better think again. So what’s the answer?  How do we keep up with the times?  What do I have to do to provide a warm welcome to the growing percentage of mobile customers? You might hear […]

Twitter makes major e-commerce move with new ‘buy’ button


Twitter has announced yesterday that they’re testing out a new ‘buy’ button. It will allow users to make purchases directly from their iOS or Android Twitter apps. When users click the ‘buy’ button in a tweet, they will be prompted to fill in their payment and shipping information (which is then attached to their account), and […]

SMX Israel 2014: the future of mobile SEO is here

On January 26, SMX came to Israel again for the third time, and as usual it was great. Lunch was delicious, the wi-fi mostly worked, and there were so many great speakers. It was also cool seeing all the participants who flew in from around the world, and based on write-ups that I saw, they […]

Native vs. Non-native: We’re Talking Mobile

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It’s 2011 and debate rages on in the mobile industry over the future of applications. On one hand, people seem to love native client apps. A quick download process from an app store, and the shiny icon is sitting on the mobile device’s desktop, ready to go. What’s more, as a developer, I might even […]

Why mobile is the new web, and why you should care

I know that I may be a bit late to the party, but it took the purchase of my new iPod Touch to make me understand that as a person involved in developing for the web, I could no longer ignore the significance of the mobile web. Because mobile really is the new web. The […]