If you build it (your website), they will come

A friend is currently enrolled in the MATI Small Business Course, a comprehensive course designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with the basics needed to start their own business. According to many of the lecturers at the current MATI course, it is not recommended for new businesses to invest in a website. These lecturers explained to […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 3 of 3

5 steps to an effective e-newsletter campaign An exciting subject line – your readers are bombarded with emails every day, including other newsletters. Your first goal is to get them to open your newsletter, and your subject line plays an important role. First, make sure that it is obvious that the email came from your […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 2 of 3

What should you write about? So you’re ready to send out your first e-newsletter where you’re going to tell your clients how amazing you are at what you do and why they should order more business from you. Don’t do it! Your newsletter’s level of effectiveness is directly related to how interesting it is. A […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 1 of 3

Out of site, out of mind Out of site out of mind. This saying applies to your business as much as it does to anything else in your life. And in business, you want to remind your clients that you are there and ready to help them. Even the most successful businesses with the happiest […]

You want to make money? Don’t think about money

Guy Kawasaki recently discussed the results of a new study that showed that thinking about money can create social barriers. The study concluded that when people have money on their mind, “they don’t want to depend on others and don’t want others to depend on them.” Guy applied these results to the topic of evangelism […]

Remove customer purchasing fear with the shoe-burning method

A customer has walked into your store or has arrived at your web site. This person is interested in your product and plans to buy, whether from you or your competitor. Your price is reasonable and the quality of the product is good. But the person ends up leaving your store/site and buying the product […]

Alright, alright – you’ve convinced us, and we’re blogging

About a month ago I really discovered the value of blogs. Until that point, I had assumed that blogs were places where people could record their random thoughts and enjoy the ability to publicly express themselves. Blogging had become so easy, that anyone could do it, and therefore I had concluded that blog quality must […]