3 Examples of great Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns

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Although the weather is cold, our hearts are feeling toasty for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s day is not just a day for lovers, but for friendships, family, and businesses that want to express how much they care about their customers. Businesses have utilized Valentine’s day as part of their marketing strategy for years, and we’ve compiled […]

A little update from the Leverage team

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This content is plagiarized from our first email, which went out earlier this week. Feel free to subscribe here, if you’d like to receive them. We’ve been powering start-ups for over 5 years, helping teams actualize their visions and ideas into real products used by both large enterprise and everyday consumers. In that time, our […]

How Our #LeverageWins Provide The Solutions Our Clients Need


Life at LeverageIT is never boring! We’ve been busy with a lot of great projects, from logo creation to app development to web design to marketing— and we’ve been lucky to work with a wide range of clients with a diverse audience base. Check out some of our latest #LeverageWins and how we do what […]

Make Your Company Stand Out With Timely Updates

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Take charge of what people see when they do a local search for your business. Make your company stand out and get the attention of people searching for your services or products by using Google My Business. This week Google released a new feature that allows businesses to post special events and promotions on their […]

Finding Your App’s “Market Fit”

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So, you think you’ve got a great app idea. Great! What you are going to do about it, is the real question. There is an old adage that states “More gold is mined from the mind of man than from the soil of the earth”.  The truth is, everyone has an idea and every idea […]

10 ways to get more people to read your non-profit email newsletter

Despite all the online marketing channels available to non-profits today (Facebook, Twitter, SEO, Adwords), only email consistently delivers a steady ROI (return on investment) and tangible results. But Facebook! you say. Well, check these stats out: Despite the rapid rise of social media, more online donations are made from a click in an e-newsletter than […]

Why the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral

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You must have spotted at least one still-frame of a celebrity getting drenched by a bucket of water in your Facebook newsfeed this weekend. Maybe you’ve even been challenged to participate in what has become the latest viral marketing campaign, the Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral campaign has already got over 2.2 million mention on twitter […]

New! Course on Social Media Marketing for businesses

After a long break I’ll be giving a course on social media marketing for businesses on Sept. 23 and 30. The course had filled up already, but we’ve moved the venue to a bigger room so we have 5 spaces left for anyone interested. The course will take place in the Sandisk offices in the […]

Social Media Secrets – presented at IBM for SSVN event

This past Wednesday, July 8 I was privileged to be the “keynote speaker” (I find that term kind of amusing, thus the quotation marks) at IBM for the latest SSVN (The Startups & Societal Ventures Network) event. The challenge of talking to a large group about social media is trying to make sure that the […]

A quick-start guide to social media marketing

Have you ever wanted to follow what’s being said about a certain topic around the internet? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Monitoring tools are the primary way to track buzz about a given topic online. For someone conducting an online social media marketing campaign this is especially true. To properly promote something, […]