9 Ways to Socialize a WordPress site

On July 31, 2012 Miriam Schwab, friendly CEO of illuminea, gave an informative 9-step webinar on making your WordPress site more social. Here is some of the material written out and you’re welcome to watch the full webinar as well. In brackets throughout this post are the times from the video so you can hear […]

Google Drive finally launches and other useful info from illuminea’s April 2012 webinar

Recently, we launched a new monthly lecture series to present the most important web trends for marketing professionals. Please join us at our next free WEBINAR: ”Latest Web Trends in 1 Hour” on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 10am.  Signup and details here. At the April 2012 Web Trends Webinar, Miriam Schwab, the Friendly CEO of illuminea, spoke […]

Know Who You Know – Building Your Network Through LinkedIN

linkedin image 500x500 1

Linkedin has been a part of my vocabulary really since its launch.  While I have been striving to build my online business networking world for years, it has only been recently that I have started to see its power and success.  The impetus to write this post actually came about through an incident I recently heard […]

Did you know that you can follow people on LinkedIn?

I was recently looking at a post on LinkedIn, and I noticed something I had never noticed before: underneath the poster’s profile picture is a link that allows me to “follow” them. Follow? What is this, twitter? I remember when LinkedIn announced that companies can now be followed. That kind of makes sense, since companies […]

Bill Gates joins much improved LinkedIn

Bill Gates has just joined LinkedIn, and I can see why. I just visited LinkedIn and was pleasantly surprised to see their amazing new interface. The modifications to the interface, and the addition of new options and features has made it into a serious business networking tool that I could see myself visiting on a […]

My 4 step (ok, 16 step) social media strategy

There are so many social media sites and tools out there, that it’s hard to know which to pay attention to, and which to ignore. Also, how do we use them effectively and still retain time to get some real work done? A recent discussion took place on the CIWI (Connecting Independent Writers in Israel) […]

Facebooking for business

Facebook is on everybody’s minds these days (or blogs). It’s the latest killer app/site/web 2.0/social/community thingy. Well, it’s not really the latest, since it’s been around for a few years, but since they opened up registration to non-college people, it really took off. Since I joined Facebook, I’ve been able to create a continuous connection […]