I will finally admit.  I have been googled.  I could be referring to the easy ability to uncover all online dirt on anyone by searching their name in google, which I will candidly reveal is something I do all the time when hearing of a potential client or person.  In fact, Ken Auletta in his book entitled, “Googled: The end of the world as we know it”, uses the term googled in this type of context as he says in his opening lines:

“The world has been googled. Type a question in the google search box, as do more than 70 percent of all searchers worldwide, and in about half a second answers appear.”

While wikipedia stays away from an official position on the term googled, Urban Dictionary ventures to define, “To do an internet search on someone/ something..”


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Social Media-fried: The Big Four Networks You Should Focus On

Is social media starting to get you confused as an entrepreneur?  With so many social media platforms and little time for building actual sales, entrepreneurs and business owners are starting to get “social media-fried”.  In an attempt to help solve these issues, marketing companies have been aggressively offering ‘Social Media Marketing’, large conglomerates have created new executive level positions such as CSMO (Chief Social Media Officer), and billions of dollars are now being pushed toward social media marketing.


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