Make Your Company Stand Out With Timely Updates

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Take charge of what people see when they do a local search for your business. Make your company stand out and get the attention of people searching for your services or products by using Google My Business. This week Google released a new feature that allows businesses to post special events and promotions on their […]

Digital Marketing Metrics and Achieving Business Goals: Impressions

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If your small business has a website, you’re probably already paying someone to do your digital marketing. However, digital marketing is vast and covers many things, with innovations happening daily. As with most business activities, it is important to measure the success of any digital marketing efforts you take on. For some, this comes easy […]

Understanding Google: Exploring the Search Engine’s Two Major Functions


Over the years, Google has been an integral part of the way people use the Internet. I’m quite certain that at least one or two readers will have “Googled” a business using the Google Chrome web browser, and looked up their location on Google Maps. We’re so accustomed to using these services on a daily […]

The Never Ending Google Search Algorithm Update

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Google has never been shy when it comes to their search engine algorithm updates. They might be a little quiet on what “exactly” is being covered (i.e. spam sites, authority sites, the PageRank formula), but they aren’t shy about telling us that they have a newer and improved algorithm. For many webmasters, these algorithms are […]