Show me the dessert: the power of visual marketing

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ice cream

Our eyes play a significant role in our decisions to buy. There is a big difference between a written description of a product and the product itself in all its 3D glory. Salespeople who play to our senses may be more successful than those that rely on descriptions or texts to make their sales.

No one wanted dessert until he showed up with the tray of goodies

No one wanted dessert. We had eaten our fill of fine café food, and were ready to ask for the bill. But then our waiter arrived with a tray laden with delicate, tempting cakes and sweets, and asked us if we wanted dessert. When my eyes fell upon the whipped cream/strawberry/jello concoction, I just couldn’t resist (I love jello don’t ask). He made the sale.

This was a brilliant tactic that I had heard about, but never encountered in Israel. Usually, once a customer finishes the meal, the waiter approaches to ask if they want anything else. Or, the waiter brings the dessert menu, and waits for a choice. Some restaurants try to make the menu itself more appealing by writing flowery descriptions of the food. Instead of writing “Pecan pie” under the desserts section, they will describe the tastes, ingredients, and presentation of the pie. This makes the pie a little bit more appealing, but it is only words. It is not the smell and site of a hot, fresh, piece of pie.

Our eyes and senses are easily influenced. So how can you make your products or services more visually appealing and sensual, and hard to resist?