website development
Trayz is providing bar and restaurant owners with powerful data insights to help increase sales and manage inventory.

web development

Our team built the design put together by Trayz’ designers, bringing to life a unique vision in a way that’s responsive and simple to update.

lead generation

We built a landing page in a week’s time for a conference the team attended in Chicago, to collect information from prospective customers.

conversion tracking

The new website is integrated with Google Analytics and the web app, our team used Google Tag Manager to ensure all events are properly tracked.

the website

accounting automation
Trayz helps bar owners improve the performance of their establishment.


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about Project:

Trayz, a Weissbeerger company, was built by to offer bars and restaurants actionable insights around their sales data. The software is the most advanced in the industry, but it presents information in a no-nonsense way, helping business owners easily gauge day-to-day takeaways from the data. The website needed to communicate this friendly and accessible approach to data analytics, across all devices.

Our team worked with Trayz’ designers to turn this design into a real site and give it a responsive mobile version, that didn’t take away from its design. The site was built in wordpress to make updates a breeze for the team.

In addition to the main website, our team helped Trayz get a landing page up and running for a conference they attended in a week’s time. We also worked with them to launch a South America-specific website for their regional launch.

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