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Synapse is an ambitious tech startup from Toronto, ON. The company has built a Learning Design System to help businesses during their early stages of training development. Useful Apps and tools such as Slack, Scorm, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams are all integrated into Synapse which makes it a one-stop source for all your eLearning needs.

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John Doe
Founder, Synapse.


problem + goal:

With so many apps and gadgets on the web, Synapse was challenged with shaping their product’s identity and introducing it to the marketplace. When they did turn their ideas into words, it was hard to update their site due to the complex website builder. The complexity and extensive number of plug-ins made the website very limited in how much they could update and made it run very slowly.

Requiring a quick turnaround, we worked closely with Synapse to optimize their website and generate buzz in the eLearning market to increase lead generation.


The first decision we made was to switch website builders to WordPress Elementor. It is a simple yet powerful website builder that makes it easy for non-HTML gurus to update websites. To ensure the long term growth of the company, we provided training to ensure they could make updates on their own. While building the website, we reduced the number of plug-ins to increase its speed, making it more accessible to consumers. 

We designed Synapse’s website with greater attention to imagery and increased CTAs to generate demand for their business. Landing pages with attention to how Synapse helps with industry-specific needs were also created to accompany the main site. There are now micropages that describe each product Synapse offers.

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