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Bringing their bakery online

Pat BaMelach is a unique artisan bread bakery that first opened in the heart of Gush Etzion, Israel, on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim. Pat BaMelach also offers hands-on workshops, giving participants historical, educational, cultural and tasty bread-making activities. They also have a second location in Efrat, overlooking the Judaean hills, which is home to their factory, retail store and café.

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words from the client

“Working with illuminea/LeverageIT was an absolute pleasure. We offered up a really complicated challenge and their team was able to think creatively and out of the box. They were accessible throughout the entire process, listening to our needs and then meeting them and then surpassing them. I really felt like I had an active role in building something that was WAY beyond my skill set. Highly highly recommend.”
Devorah Katz
Owner, Pat BaMelach

the scope

Our design


the task at hand

Pat BaMelach is a well known local bakery in Israel with a loyal following but is located in a remote area of Israel. At the onset of the Coronavirus lockdown, it became more and more apparent that as people were hunkering down at home, it was time to bring this well-loved brand into the age of e-commerce.


what we did

Our team decided to use Shopify as the foundation for their online store. At that point, Pat BaMelach took the opportunity to extend their reach by offering delivery to many cities throughout the country as well as expanding their menu to include a restaurant and pre-packaged food items. 

We built the store successfully and were able to meet all the requirements of a successful business. The online store is able to supply different inventory and different delivery days all based on different requirements. It also needed to accommodate a constantly changing menu. Needless to say, this was a challenge!


what happened next

For six months, the store gained more and more traction as users all around the country took advantage of their easy online shopping to ease the craziness of Corona. To meet increased demand, we redeveloped the website to support the 5 delivery locations that they expanded to cover since the initial launch.

With plans to add an app, a standalone swag store and so much more, we’re excited to see how far this brand can go… and we know they have no limits.

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