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Helping bring to market a new type of software, educating a market segment on the power and benefits of accounting automation.

website design

The previous site had an overwhelming amount of pages and call-to-actions, resulting in an unclear path for the user to take.

website development

The Dokka team wanted the ability to edit key sections of the website, including the robust and complex Pricing page.


The previous website used inconsistent terms, our team revised the copy to a consistent language that spoke to both target audiences.

the website

accounting automation
Combining artificial intelligence and visual recognition, Dokka is an accounting automation software for bookkeepers and businesses.


client quote
"The DOKKA proposition was tricky as we provide our accounting automation platform in multiple geography’s and market segments. In a short space of time, Leverage led us through their process resulting in a sparkling new DOKKA website that clearly articulates our product offering."
Eric Edelstein
CRO, Dokka


problem + goal:
The Dokka team is innovative and experimental, both in their tech and marketing. Unfortunately, all the experimentation took a toll on the website, crowding it with different calls-to-action. The old website was unclear and difficult to navigate, with too many options for a user to take. With demos, videos, white papers, free trials, and everything in between – the offering was overwhelming. We sat down with the team to understand their main target audiences and produce a clear customer journey focusing on key conversions.


Our team took the time to understand Dokka’s pain points regarding the current website, as well as their wishes for a clear and easy-to-navigate website. After learning about the product, competitors, best practices in the accounting space, and the target audience – our team put together recommendations for a new design. Right off the bat, we wanted people to understand ‘what’ Dokka did, so we suggested incorporating ‘Accounting Automation’ into their logo, which helped communicate and clarify their function. We wanted to build trust by showing the recognizable brands that Dokka integrates with, as well as showcasing the many benefits of the platform with rotating text in the hero. Integration with Hubspot was important for the team as its their current CRM. A page that we think deserves great attention is Dokka’s new pricing page. Their pricing page showcases many attributes such as different currencies and annual vs. monthly plan option.

results / stats:

Within a month of its launch, there have been impressive improvements. Their average session duration increased by 85% and the bounce rate decreased by 13%!

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