Payquad Solutions: A Case Study

Case Studies

Payquad Solutions is exactly as stated. A solution.

The premise of Payquad’s service is to make the monthly task of paying rent or condo fees easy and seamless. With Payquad, residents can pay rent from any device, set up pre-authorized payments and even maximize credit card rewards points!

The Vision

Payquad’s goals were simple: create a powerful, yet user-friendly experience for automating rent payments both for the residents and property management companies.

That’s where was given its opportunity to shine.

Services Provided

After sitting down with Payquad personnel and getting an in-depth understanding of their business model, we were able to identify and execute a plan of action:

  • Branding: Designing and curating a brand theme which resonates with Payquad’s audience on all platforms
  • Storytelling: Offering both tenants and property management companies unique perspectives of each other
  • Functioning: Creating a powerful and efficient portal which delivers payments quickly and securely
  • Digitalizing: Building a beautiful, user-friendly website and social media outlets with Payquad’s clients in mind’s ability to provide Payquad with a full-service solution to prepare them to launch proved invaluable, as Payquad’s David Janowski was once heard saying:

“Meir and the Leverage team have been a pleasure to deal with on a continual basis. The team’s technical knowledge and know-how is incredible and has helped us move our projects forward”.

We don’t usually brag, but when we do it’s because we are proud of our accomplishments. See the results for yourself at and fill out the form below to learn how we can help improve your business!