Logo design using Fiverr? 3 reasons why you should NEVER do it

image of logo on window

First of all, full disclosure:

as a branding agency we’re going to be biased as to why using online marketplaces like Fiverr is a no-go for logo design. With that said, there is a time and place for using a free or cheap online logo generator, and we’ll explain when it’s a good idea and when it’s not.

Here’s the part where we tell you when it’s not.

1. The logo design will suck

You get what you pay for. Free logo design or even cheap logo design always equals bad logo design. What do we mean by bad?

  • Unoriginal work. You run the risk of seeing your precious logo slapped on someone else’s website.
  • Did we say unoriginal work? Lot’s of designers will take existing designs from stock websites, tweak a few things and call it a day.
  • Overall poor quality. It’s commonplace for designers to hand off files that are grainy or maybe the line work sucks, or perhaps the typography looks like it came from the 90s.

2. You’ll waste your time

This by far is the most important takeaway. By the time you’ve pitched your design, interviewed candidates, corresponded with the designer (they oftentimes aren’t even in the same timezone as you), and go back and forth with edits, you’ll wish you hadn’t. If time is money, you’ll be spending more in the project management  than you would have if you just went with an agency.

3. You’ll waste your money

There has been countless stories about people spending $100 and ending up with nothing. Zero. Just google, “Fiverr Logo here’s what happened”. You’ll see results like “$5 logo? Is this a joke?” What tends to happen is clients will be unsatisfied with the work provided and request more iterations which means forking up more money. By the time most people reach the $100 mark, they just abandon ship.

Here’s when it’s okay to use Fiverr or an online logo maker.

You must be all of these things in order to get a good experience when using Fiverr:

  • Uninvested in the project (maybe the logo is for a ‘just for fun event’ DO NOT use this for a business you want to invest time into).
  • Unbothered by a drawn out timeline (you can spare a few weeks to get the final artwork).
  • Unpicky (Not a word, but we had a theme going).

So let’s say you’re the opposite. You want a great logo and you want it quickly.

*Cue shameless plug*

No, you don’t have to run to a top marketing agency that will charge you 20k. There’s a happy medium.

Working with a boutique full-service agency is a good call for many reasons. Firstly, you’ll get focused attention to reach your business objectives instead of cookie cutter solutions. Secondly, we say ‘full service’ because chances are if you’re needing a logo design, you’re needing more services as well. Leverage.it offers app development, web development and full branding. Centralizing the work and bundling it will make things easier time-wise and less expensive than contracting that work out separately.

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