My Experience as a Graphic Designer Intern (Fresh Out Of School)


Before I jump into my internship, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’m a graphic designer fresh out of school and I love web design and branding.

It has been a month since I began my internship at LeverageIT and within those 4 weeks, I’ve learned quite a bit and I know there’s still so much more for me to learn and I cannot wait. The Humber College Graphic Design program is 3 years, that including a summer internship that helps you get work experience. The summer internship portion is what I’m currently doing. This industry is extremely competitive so it only seems natural now that I would feel scared, nervous, happy and excited all at the same time.


At the end of the semester, a majority of the design programs have a portfolio night, attended by industry, friends, and family. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback on your portfolio. This is and was our night to shine, because what better way to find a job than to actually talk to the person that is able to hire you.

This is where I met Ali. Ali is LeverageIT’s creative director and my mentor. Upon meeting him, I was immediately appreciative of him. We went through my portfolio together and he told me what he liked and what he didn’t. Ali who is experienced with website and UI/UX design, gave me a lot of feedback that I did not previously consider. Going to school, I had a big interest in web and app design, but I was unable to receive qualified feedback on my work from someone who is actually experienced in this field until I met Ali.


The Start

Coming in, I was extremely excited but at the same time, I had knots in my stomach. I was nervous for many reasons but mainly about making mistakes and fear of not being good enough. I was more excited than nervous but the two emotions would often compete. was excited that I found a digital agency that without me knowing, checked off the things on my list that I was looking for.

What I Wanted vs What They Offered

• I have such a big love and interest for web design and at LeverageIT this is what they do.

• I actually never considered marketing before but it ended up being something I quite enjoyed after working on a few projects here that involve it.

• I work with a lot of developers and it’s really cool to see a design being brought to life.

• Free coffee. I think this one is self explanatory, free coffee is the best type of coffee.

• LeverageIT is such a welcoming environment to work in. Working in an environment like this only makes me want to work harder to keep everyone and myself happy.

The Process
As an intern, I find it quite challenging. There’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time and expectations are high. There are so many designers who could have applied and I got it. This is my chance to prove myself. I’m constantly thinking to myself if what I’m doing is okay, are they happy? Do they like it? What can I improve on? What else can I do? Am I doing enough? What do I do if they don’t like it? So many questions ripping through my mind. And… it’s okay to have questions and especially to ask questions. It’s better to ask questions so both yourself and whoever you’re working with is on the same page. When assuming everything could go wrong and a lot of time can be wasted. The people you work with will most likely be very happy to help you out.

The End
Your internship is a great opportunity for you to learn. It’s the best time because you’re not quite a full-time member but you’re not a student either. You’re not treated like a student but you’re still learning and being taught. You’re not just there to learn, you are there to improve and gain experience. You might find that you really enjoy doing something you didn’t consider but took on the challenge anyways. Going into my internship, I’ve learned a lot and have become so much more curious. I’ve found an interest and liking for marketing, coding and development.  It’s a constant learning process that should never end because you won’t grow as a designer or person. It’s not about perfection but more of your progression. Something I took away at my interview is “have a curious mind.” And even the board room was saying it to my face “Stay hungry, stay foolish” Always wanting to learn and explore is a good mindset to have.