KSM Developments: A Case Study

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The LeverageIT team had a fantastic time branding, developing, and creating a whole new website for KSM Developments.

About KSM Developments

KSM Developments is a global commercial real estate consulting & development firm. KSM was founded in late 2015 in Toronto, and is focused on deploying global and local capital into the North American real estate market.

The Vision

When they approached us back in the winter of 2016, we enthusiastically took on the project. In the beginning, KSM did not have a logo, brand, or website. Their objective was to have a beautiful website up and running that conveyed professionalism, expertise in their industry, and trustworthy. With these goals in mind, the LeverageIT members worked closely with KSM to develop branding and design that was a perfect reflection of the work they showcased.
July 13

LeverageIT has a great team of talented professionals that were dedicated and attentive to our company’s needs and delivered a top-tier service and product.”

-Founder, Jacob Iftah

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In all, LeverageIT is pleased to have worked with KSM Developments to create a stunning, modern brand and website. To see how your organization can benefit, please contact us. We will be honoured to be a part in making your business stand out!

Banner Image Photo Credit: Oscar Flores