Jotform vs. Wufoo: battle of the free web form builders

Tools and Apps

Although we are totally in love with Gravity Forms as our #1 choice for creating forms, you can only use it with WordPress. Therefore, when a client came to us with a landing page in html, we had to start looking for other options and here’s what I found:



wufooui 1
Wufoo’s fun and clear user interface

I wanted to love Wufoo – it’s probably the most popular online form builder – and how cute is their logo?  The user interface is so amazingly user friendly and easy to use. The free plan gets you up to 100 submissions a month but there are some major features that are lacking. I know we internet peeps expect almost everything to be free these days, so it’s hard to complain about their amazing free product missing a few features. But for me, these features were huge and meant not being able to use the free version. Here are the 2 major drawbacks of the free Wufoo plan:

  1. The “report abuse” link in the form.  After I filled out the form and published it on the client’s site, I was surprised to see that there was a “Report Abuse” link next to the submit button.  Ummm.. what? I tried searching for a way to remove the “report abuse” link but discovered that there wasn’t one and I would have to wait until it just disappears after a “reasonable amount of time”.  Well, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting around for Wufoo’s algorithm to determine whether or not my form was spammy or their vague definition of time. Of course if you upgrade your plan, the link magically disappears.
    wufoo report abuse
    I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one upset by the intrusive link. In fact, I enjoyed reading someone’s comment in the Wufoo forum about how she planned an event with Santa and the “report abuse” could be misconstrued to be reporting child abuse!! That’s no good.
  2. No option for a “Thank You” page: Our client wanted people to fill out their form and then be taken to a Thank You page. But that option isn’t available in the free Wufoo package which was upsetting.

I think Wufoo’s website should be clearer about the limited features on the free plan.




Another online form builder, Jotform, came up very high in my search results. This is a great alternative to Wufoo because I was able to set up a normal form (without a report abuse link) and enter in a URL for a Thank You page. However, here are the problems I had with Jotform:

  1. Although Jotform’s interface loads really fast and you never even have to click save, there is not enough distinction between the tabs in the editing area. I was never quite sure which tab I was in and kept clicking around a lot.formtabs
  2. I had to do some fancy CSS footwork to get the form to look right. There was a big margin to the left of the form which was really problematic since it made half the form was hidden from view. Also, I wanted to create a dropdown select box that only listed countries so I had to use the Address field and hide all the other fields (street address, city, state, zip code) except for country. In order to fix all the CSS, I had to go into Jotform’s editor under Preferences > Form Styles.
  3. There was a javascript conflict on my site so I had to switch from the javascript embed to the iframe embed code and then it ran smoothly.

In conclusion, Wufoo and Jotform are both great services, but if you’re looking for a more complete free solution, Jotform is the way to go.