Jeremiah Owyang’s pillar article “The Irrelevant Corporate Website” now in Hebrew

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The Irrelevant Corporate Website

We at illuminea try to encourage our clients to incorporate blogs into their websites since, in our opinion (and in the opinion of many others), the typical corporate website is not as effective as it could be. With content that rarely changes, and little to no engagement with clients and potential clients, traditional corporate websites are little more than online brochures, and do not utilize the power of the medium on which it sits: the web.

Jeremiah Owyang, a Web Strategist with Forrester, wrote a great article on the topic called “The Irrelevant Corporate Website,” explaining why the typical corporate website is increasingly irrelevant in today’s age of fresh new content and cooperation with consumers.

The article was so groundbreaking that it’s been translated into many languages, most recently Hebrew. Omer Rosen did the translation.