I won a prize!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been out of things for a bit because I gave birth on Sunday, Dec. 31. While I was in the hospital, I received an email from Ben Yoskovitz informing me that my submission to his Group Writing Project on “What I Learned in 2006” won a prize!

The last and only time I recall winning a prize was when I was in second grade. Our local public library had a contest where kids answered questions through some kind of treasure hunt that involved reading books. I actually won that contest and was awarded a robot eraser. They could have handed me a shoelace as a prize and I would have been just as thrilled, since I had never before won any contests, and I guess I could sense that my future didn’t hold many prizes either.

Ben says that he selected the winners randomly out of the 70 submissions, which makes me even more incredulous that I won. And this time, it’s no robot eraser: I’ve won a copy of Jon Spoelstra’s book, “Marketing Outrageously.” Reviewers seem to really like this book, and I always love a good read. So thanks Ben, and I hope to review the book once I’ve finished it.