How Blogging Can Harm You

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The blogosphere is full of examples of how blogs can help you professionally. However, if you are not careful with your blogging habits, you may find that your blog can also harm you.

Recently someone contacted me through my website with the following message (details changed to protect the innocent): “Your Google ad showed up on my blog, and I’m not so happy in my current job and am searching for something else. I have many skills that you could use, and was wondering if you would like an affiliate in my city.”

I’m always interested in connecting with talented people who have skills that I may need at some point, and his skills and experience sounded good. I noticed that his email address ended with a domain name, so I decided to check out his site. Well, it was the address for his blog, and the first prominent image on the home page was of a, how shall we put it, revealing shot of a woman. I looked around his blog some more, and found lots of entries about parties and getting drunk. And of his six blog categories, one was actually called something like “Drugs in My City”!

Now, it’s fine if people like to go to parties, and I don’t really need to know what people are doing outside of work. But if you’re trying to create a business partnership with someone, do you really think it’s a good idea to mention your blog and give them easy access to it, when the content is anything but professional?

Needless to say, I told him that at the moment I’m not looking for an affiliate in Tel Aviv, but thanks for being in touch.