Five free and legal image sources

Tools and Apps

To have a website without images is like having toast without butter (God forbid). But finding nice images that you can use without any legal issues is like finding a spec of dust in space (if that’s difficult).

Well, fret no longer! Here are five free image sources that you could consider using. Just be sure to use them according to the instructions on the sites (and see below about how we hold no responsibility for how you choose to use images): 

sxc doc hu

This site is rich with high resolution, beautiful images. You need to sign up in order to download pictures but it’s worth it.

Flickr Creative Commons


On Flickr you can use the advanced search to find free images. Just make sure you mark the “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” checkbox and then check both checkboxes under the main one. When you use images from Flickr in this way, be sure to give credit to the source with a link back to the Flickr page where you got the image from.

Tip: Make these links open in a new tab so that people aren’t taken away from your website.

Microsoft Office Images

microsoft office1You can easily download an image straight from the search results. They are not huge (for example one I downloaded was 849X566) and they are JPGs.

Photo Pin

photo pinPhotoPin helps bloggers find images by using the Flickr API and searching creative commons photos to use for your blog.

And it has a really cool interface.



Pikiwiki is a database of free Israeli and Jewish-themed images.

Are there other resources?

Please share links to other free image resources in the comments. Thanks!

Legal stuff

We are not legal experts and so we hold absolutely no responsibility for which images you use and how. Please make sure to use them properly in order not to infringe on any copyright laws.