Facebook App brings back the beloved “Suggest Page to Friends” feature


A while ago, we wrote how to add a “Suggest to friends” tab to your Facebook Page. And then Facebook removed that feature so that only Page admins had the ability to suggest pages to their friends, presumably to boost advertising sales by encouraging page owners to pay for “likes”.

However, there is an app that we stumbled across recently called the “Smart Suggest to friends” by VTools, that gives fans the option to recommend a Facebook Page to their friends. Here’s how the app will look: smartsuggest1

To use it, go here and choose which page you want to add the application to. If you want to customize how the app looks in your tabs, move it around by clicking on the little edit icon and selecting “swap position with”. suggest

If you want to change the icon associated with the app or the app’s title, go to the Edit icon, and click on “edit settings”. You can then change the Tab name or change the image by uploading a new image.


To see how the app looks when someone uses it, look at illuminea’s Smart Suggest in action on our Facebook page.