Make Your Company Stand Out With Timely Updates


Take charge of what people see when they do a local search for your business. Make your company stand out and get the attention of people searching for your services or products by using Google My Business. This week Google released a new feature that allows businesses to post special events and promotions on their Google listing. And the best news? It’s free to use!

google my business

We currently have Google My Business for LeverageIT. When we moved into our new office this month, we easily updated our location on our Google listing to 1170 Sheppard Street West. The change took place instantly.


We recommend all of our clients to familiarize themselves with Google My Business if you have not used it before. Be sure to take advantage of the new timely updates feature.

We’ve come up with some examples of how this could be used:

Hosting An Event

Your business in Toronto is having a special event coming up, and you would like to spread the word. Go to the “posts” tab, create a call to action – such as “Find Out More”, and publish it. Anyone searching for your business in Toronto will see this event right in the listing. Feel free to include a time, date, and location!

Special Promotion

Maybe your business would like to celebrate its anniversary, or push out an improvement to a service or product. There are endless reasons you can create posts to broadcast your promotion. If you are a service business, a concise title like “Call us today and receive 15% off any services” will do. If your business makes products, a “buy one and get the second set 50% off” promo would work well. Choose a call-to-action that allows people to learn more about the promotion, whether that’s a link to your website or a phone number to call.


Perhaps your business is opening a new location. Attract some attention through your Google listing “New Location Celebration” and invite people to a party! Include a photo of the new location, add a date and time, and publish the post you’ve created to be viewed by people when they search up your business locally.