What’s all this talk about Gutenberg?


The latest WordPress release is set to hit the shelves this week and there’s been a lot of buzz in the community surrounding it. WordPress 5.0, codenamed Gutenberg, is one of the largest changes we’ve seen to the actual dashboard interface in a while. Following in the footsteps of Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi and other […]

Enthusiast Gaming: Going public with a brand new website

enthusiast gaming

Enthusiast gaming, one of Canada’s largest gaming companies, and our long-time client is going public, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve partnered with them on several projects including support with EGLX, Canada’s largest gaming expo, their social network, Enthusiast.gg, and–most recently– the rebrand and launch of their new website. It’s this recent project that […]

Steps You Need To Take Right Now To Protect Your Site

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Three simple steps that will help you protect your site. Today, it is common for businesses and nonprofit organizations to accept payments online. However, this opens the door to more and more “bad guys” out to grab personal information and take advantage of those that are not being protected. In the following article we provide you […]

A short history of the LeverageIT website

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So finally, after many moons, the shoemaker finally got some shoes. And by that I mean LeverageIT finally has a website that we’re not collectively cringing over. One may think it simple – this is literally what we do for a living. But take roundabout 20 web professionals and task them with agreeing on a vision and […]

Tips to make your site responsive (and what that really means anyway)

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We’re moving into the mobile world.  If you aren’t thinking of your site’s compatibility with different screen sizes, you’d better think again. So what’s the answer?  How do we keep up with the times?  What do I have to do to provide a warm welcome to the growing percentage of mobile customers? You might hear […]

Finding Kosher food in Miami: Combining geographical search & database filtering for Kosher Miami re-design

miami beach

We’re proud and excited to launch a brand new website for Kosher Miami, The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade, a non-profit organization dedicating to providing the region with certified Kosher establishments. We combine geographical search, database filtering, and a new design to create an improved customer experience. Challenge: Create a user-friendly, responsive site that can easily and […]

Your Website Facelift: Analytics, SEO and Functionality First

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New technology has forced us to reconsider our faces in more ways than one. Consider the recent news, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that the body part inspiring more people to go under the knife is the chin.  “Chinplants” are becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend. The growth in online video […]

Lets Get Technical: Ubercart Free Order with Recurring billing

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In working on a recent project we encountered a problem. The client wanted the ubercart to have certain functions, namely: Recurring billing Coupon codes up to and including 100% off No rocket science, right? It wasn’t that easy to make it work though, we needed three modules: UC Recurring Payments and Subscriptions Ubercart Discount Coupons […]