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About the Company

Transmit Security was founded in 2014 with the aim of changing the identity security space. Since then they have grown rapidly to meet the demand of the growing IAM space. They have continually developed and found new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their customers and the ever changing security space. They work with some of the largest and most innovative-global enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to keep their identity stack secure and scalable.
“Over the years, I have maintained many websites. The majority were difficult to develop. Not so with the team at LeverageIT! In one year, we rebuilt our website twice. There was simply no comparison between the first company and LeverageIT. Creative, meticulous, thorough, and good communicators. Listening to our needs, offering relevant options, and being prompt in their responses, they exceeded our expectations. The LeverageIT team deserves kudos for making this happen! Future projects will be undertaken with them, and I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a professional website.”
Rudy Dallal — Marketing Operations Manager
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Some background

Transmit Security, fresh off of one of the largest raises of any startup in history, had a website that was nearly impossible to manage and the development team they were using was making it extremely difficult to add new sections and features. They needed a website development company that could work closely with their design and marketing teams to rebuild the site in a way that was fast and clean, and scalable. And of course, they needed it….fast!
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What we did

After a comprehensive planning stage was complete – in which we gained an understanding of how the site needed to be used post launch, what sections would need to be client updateable, and what should be custom built – we mobilzed our Tech Team to jump in and get started. Within 6 weeks we had rebuilt the site into reusable, flexible, and scalable sections that the Transmit Security marketing team could use to change and add new content to existing or new pages and sections of the site. We worked closely with their design team to ensure a 1:1 match to their Figma files, and with their SEO team to ensure that seo foundations were in place and no major losses would be incurred. The initial project was a resounding success and has since led to other projects within the company. The Transmit Security team knows that they can rely on us to help solve their website issues in a fast, reliable, and communicative way.
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