Case studies - Pat Bamelach

Flour. Water. Salt

A unique artisan bread bakery in the heart of Gush Etzion

Pat BaMelach also offers hands-on workshops, giving participants historical, educational, cultural and tasty bread-making activities.
“Working with the LeverageIT team was an absolute pleasure. We offered up a really complicated challenge and LeverageIT was able to think creatively and out of the box. They were accessible throughout the entire process, listening to our needs and then meeting them and then surpassing them. I really felt like I had an active role building something that was WAY beyond my skill set. Highly highly recommend.”
Devorah Katz — Owner — Pat Bamelach
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Some Background

Pat Bamelach is a staple of the Gush Etzion community. It’s been around for years and has an outstanding reputation for quality baked goods with a homey/community feel. For years they sold their products from physical locations, however, with the outbreak of Covid-19, it quickly became apparent that they needed to digitize…and fast!
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In August 2021, with the worst of Covid-19 (hopefully) past, we were able to re-evaluate the current needs of the site and came to the following conclusions:

Now that people are leaving their homes, deliveries are less important. What is important is serving the community in the best possible way
Shopify has difficulty with Hebrew language, which was isolating a huge part of the population
Shopify limits the access to their checkout, making it impossible to customize it
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Based on these issues, we released Version 3.0 of the site, that re-platformed to WooCommerce. While the benefits of the previous UI upgrades were still in place, we could now:

Better control the shopping experience
Introduce a multi-language Loyalty & Rewards page
Easily create landing pages and content
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While the site is still constantly evolving along with their ever changing and growing business, we are happy to have a solution that can scale with them.

Our doors are always open and we’re always happy to help.