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Connecting nurses to flexible, nearby shifts

ESHYFT helps nurses earn more, by picking up nearby shifts with the click of a button.

A web portal for Facility Managers eliminates the traditional headaches of keeping a facility adequately staffed with quality nurses.
“Leverage IT did a fantastic job with software development! Professional, dedicated, and responsive, their team was a pleasure to work with and succeeded in all facets. They were very personable and made the technology easy to understand.”
Asher Brody — VP of Operations — ESHYFT
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Making money with ESHYFT is fast, easy, and convenient.

Select CNA, LPN, & RN shifts that fit into your busy life. Get paid directly through ESHYFT every week. Apply to shifts in seconds with our easy-to-use mobile app. Set your own schedule and pick only the shifts you want!

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Simplifying staffing & access quality nurses

Find and pay quality CNAs, LPNs, and RNs for your facility with ESHYFT Facility Manager. Take care of all your temporary staffing needs in one place.

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Finding users in key geographies

Facebook & Instagram are particular about employment ads, they’re considered a ‘special category’ and are tougher to publish.
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