Finding Your App’s “Market Fit”


So, you think you’ve got a great app idea. Great! What you are going to do about it, is the real question.

Lit LightbulbThere is an old adage that states “More gold is mined from the mind of man than from the soil of the earth”.  The truth is, everyone has an idea and every idea for an app has potential to be the next Uber or Whatsapp but it all boils down to execution.

Here are three quick things to execute in order to know whether the idea for an app you’ve mined is a lump of coal or the mother-lode. Without doing your homework, you’ll be pouring money and time into an app which might be mining nothing but rocks.

Think: Why Choose Me?

The first stage in figuring out the value of your app is to learn why people would use it. Start by thinking about what people would gain from your app in terms of time, functionality or financially.

Knowing what your customer lacks helps you better tweak your app to suit their needs. Also, it will help your marketing efforts later on when you need to identify your Target Audience.

Ask yourself:

    1. “What problem am I addressing with my app?”
    2. “Is my app providing a unique experience that cannot be gotten elsewhere?”

Speak: Would You Choose Me?

While you might think you know what needs your app fulfills, chances are they aren’t even aware that they need anything.

The best marketing is showing a customer why they need you.

Have you ever thought about a new technology or product and thought “how did I ever live without it?” If so, you now know how your app has to make people feel.

Without diligent research, you will never know if your app will take off. Getting feedback on your idea from real, unbiased people (your Mom and BFF don’t count) will allow you to learn what bothers your potential client base and improve the final product.

Remember to keep an open mind when collecting data you might find yourself with a totally different (and better-selling) app in the end!

Act: Choose Me!

Now let’s get down to business. Test it.

Create a Beta version of your app and send it to as many people as possible. Give your guinea pigs some time to use it and then gather feedback; does it need more tweaking? Is your product really satisfying anyone’s needs?

Find your low-hanging fruit (a client acquired at minimal or no cost) and show them why and how you’re helping them in ways they never knew!

A good sign would be a referral or share. If an app user shares it with someone else, that’s usually a good sign that you’re on the right track.

Do you have something that everyone needs but don’t know how to get it out there?  can help!

We’ll meet with you and discuss your business, strategy and curate a plan of execution tailored to your apps technological needs and marketing audience. Our multi-talented staff members can’t wait to show you how we can mine your mother lode idea!