Amazon’s Second Headquarters in Toronto & Detroit?


Amazon announced their plan to build a second headquarters within North America. “Amazon HQ2 will be a complete headquarters for Amazon – not a satellite office,” the company said in a recent news release. Due to the growing technology markets in Toronto and Detroit (insert crosslinks to both blog posts), Amazon should consider these cities for its second headquarters. 

Amazon Office Desk

The fast growing technology authority recently announced their price drops at Whole Foods market on the first day of acquisition. The natural food grocery chain saw price cuts as much as 43% and Amazon is continuing to change the way people think of Whole Foods, formerly nicknamed Whole Paycheque.

Whole Foods organic snacks

Competition has caught up with Whole Foods and the new lower Amazon mandated prices have more comparative pricing to local supermarkets. Since announcing their plan for a second headquarters in North America, their business has immensely grown.