A short history of the LeverageIT website

Web Development

So finally, after many moons, the shoemaker finally got some shoes. And by that I mean LeverageIT finally has a website that we’re not collectively cringing over. One may think it simple – this is literally what we do for a living. But take roundabout 20 web professionals and task them with agreeing on a vision and you’ll see, it ain’t no piece of cake.
Over the years we have designed and even built iteration after iteration of a website for ourselves that have been ripped apart, often mocked (in a kindly fashion) and ultimately, scrapped. We struggled with showcasing our talents in an honest, personal, modern, and interesting way. Last Wednesday our clock started ticking when a client let us know that our current dismal site was malfunctioning to the point of suicide watch. Without the luxury of time, we suddenly did what every great procrastinator can do – we sprinted to the finish line. In 3 days we designed and built a site that we can show without excuses. While there’s still work to be done to perfect our online representation, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that we’re not the embarrassment of the web community.
An unexpected side effect of building the site, was delving into our past projects for our portfolio page and the realization of the vast amount of clients we have been able to touch over the past years. Each one, a building block to the next, taught us how to listen, how to further refine our skill, how to learn or push back depending on the need. Our clients have afforded us the luxury of marketing our services for us, and for that we are forever grateful.
Now don’t for a second think we won’t start this process all over next year when our next bright idea comes along.