3 Examples of the best Valentine’s Day campaigns


Valentine’s Day is a time where businesses can get really creative with their marketing campaigns. This holiday is all about love and making sure your loved ones feel extra special which is why the storytelling for these campaigns is so important. Stuck on what to post on your social media? Check out these 3 Valentine’s Day campaigns from 2020 that captured the hearts of thousands (Including ours).

Deliveroo and KFC: Will you Delive-roo be my Valentine?

Deliveroo and KFC

Popular fast-food chain, KFC and online food delivery service provider, Deliveroo partnered up on Valentine’s Day in 2020 to create the “Will Delive-roo be my Valentine” campaign. This collaboration allowed couples to pre-order KFC love meal combos which included a limited edition KFC bucket ring designed by Genesis, a local jeweller in Singapore. It made having take-out on Valentine’s day a little bit more romantic. Having the ring as a quirky incentive, this campaign was a way to increase orders and promote both brands using content posted by happy customers. As parts of the world continue to stay home due to the effects of Covid-19, this idea would be a romantic way to make Valentine’s day feel more ‘normal’.

Ring + Chicken + Quality time = A unique customer experience and note-worthy brand recognition.

Twitter: #LoveTwitter

Twitter took a clever approach to offline marketing with their #LoveTwitter campaign in 2020. Users of this platform are known for their witty 280-character messages and Twitter printed their Tweets to deliver an authentic message about modern love.

Image result for twitter valentines campaign

Twitter surprised the people of New York, San Fransisco, and Seattle with giant billboards inside their Subway stations on Valentine’s day using their tweets! “Can we go on a date where I go to sleep and… that’s it.. that’s literally the date”, “Gonna date myself in 2020”, and “Yo I’m really awkward. Good look to whoever is about to date me” were some of the hilarious tweets used for this campaign. The #LoveTwitter campaign was positively received by the public because it depicted an accurate representation of what Valentine’s Day meant to them. It was a change from the typical lovey-dovey campaigns done by many brands and brought out a small chuckle for many.

Cadbury: Dairy Milk Silk Valentine’s Day 2020

Chocolates and Valentine’s Day go together like peanut butter & jam. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is a chocolate bar brand that has been helping lovers express their affection for decades. In 2020, they asked their customers “How far they would go for love” with their video campaign.

Targeted to the Gen Z and Millenial population, Cadbury created a video featuring two young adults going on a romantic adventure to search for a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk heart-pop chocolate bar. Video content continues to rise in popularity, and 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website. Cadbury’s video elicited an emotional response from young consumers by using two young protagonists and a warm storyline for their ad. They wanted to encourage the younger generation to be more expressive about their affection and go the extra mile for the special person in their life (and to celebrate with their chocolate!).