What I learned from LeverageIT

09 Sep What I learned from LeverageIT

“… So when entrepreneurs need money, they’ll raise a seed round, which is the first round of capital for a start-up business…”

-Maria Ferraro, management professor, Western University

Learning business management in lectures is alright, but seeing it applied in person and meeting entrepreneurs is so much more exciting. Most of this year’s summer was spent working at LeverageIT, my first hand experience in a professional environment. If it wasn’t for Ben, managing director of LeverageIT, I wouldn’t have gotten such a wonderful opportunity to sit in on meetings, help build investors decks, and meet the wonderful people that make up LeverageIT. So here are a few things I learned during my time here:

It’s important to work collaboratively and independently.

Working with your coworkers effectively is so crucial in many ways. When I needed a second pair of eyes to look a presentation I just created, Julie (graphic designer) was there to provide some comments and suggest how I can improve the overall layout of content, coupled with images and logos. Or, the time when Moshe – one of our developers – explained to me a project’s scope of work so I could understand the project better. Alongside your colleagues, working independently is also crucial because there are times when your boss will be busy on phone calls, for instance. In this specific case, I would just start on other work or look on the internet for help.

Be proactive – if there wasn’t any work left to do, make your own work.

While it is fun to chill out at work, going on social media looking at the photos your (lucky) friend just posted from Iceland is detrimental to progression. In addition, other people will also notice. Personally, there were times when I finished putting together a project and had some spare time. I won’t deny I used some of it to go on Facebook, but I definitely took the initiative to take some photos around the office for our company’s social media posts, for example (shameless plug, our Instagram is @leverage.it).

My skills are transferable to other projects and scenarios.

Creating decent, uncluttered presentations was one of my highlights of this summer’s internship at LeverageIT. Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create slide presentations is just so transferable to other scenarios: for example, a business case competition I will be doing with a group back at Western University, where I’m currently doing my undergrad. Aesthetics is one of the key elements in presenting a impactful presentation and you might think to yourself, how hard is it to organize a bunch of text and photos? Quite hard, if it’s not done right. I’ll always remember that less is more.

Thank you for reading!

– Steven Lou

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